Total Solution for Listed Companies

IR Dept. offers complete solutions that are scalable, flexible and the most effective way to cope with all the challenges that listed companies might encounter on the investor relation disclosure. Our one-stop solution services are dealt with all the compliance issues, total financial IR section and latest web development. Besides, we provide professional IT and CompSec services to tackle all problems you are facing.

What is e-IR solution?

  • Suggested by HKEX to publish announcement on issuer’s own website since 2006
  • Aimed to lower the cost of listed companies by way of using traditional publish channels
  • Standardize announcement publish channels (HKExnews & Own Website)
  • Fulfill listing regulatory (disclosure base) and compliance issues
  • Comply with the ESG guideline (Environmental, Social and Governance)
  • Facilitate communication, increase transparency and establish target communication network
  • Optimize a cost-effective and ease announcement management by corporate website
  • International tendency and best dissemination practice
  • Balance of investors, equity analysis
  • Good corporate image

Synopsis of services

  • Professional Web development, HTML5, Scale 16:9, 1920 or above pixel, secured hosting
  • Responsive Website, compatible with all smart devices
  • Showcase area in both apps
  • Automated circular & announcement update/synchronize with HKEXNews (Robotic Process Automation RPA)
  • 24 hours announcement management platform (e-Submission System)
  • Stock Information/ Chart / Presentation/ Financial Report / Press Release
  • Dedicated posting hotline and e-mail to ensure the documents to be uploaded in timely and safely manner
  • e-mail alert for any updates or errors
  • Automated tracking system on latest documents on HKEXNews
  • Automated investor database tracking system
  • Easeful announcement management to keep up all past documents in good and proper way (RSS, Archiving)

Company Secretary Services

  • Coordinating the production, publication and distribution of company accounts and reports
  • Communicating with shareholders, regulatory bodies and the Stock Exchange on behalf of the company
  • Ensuring the company complies with relevant laws and regulations
  • Organizing and facilitating meetings of directors and general meetings of shareholders
  • Reviewing current developments in good corporate governance practice in order to advise the directors

Financial, Compliance & I.T.

  • Market Capital Management or other Strategic & Structural Consulting
  • Investors, Funders and Money Lenders Tracking
  • Company Secretary Outsourcing/ Referral
  • Brokers Position Data Analysis
  • I.T Consulting, Audit & Outsourcing

I.R. Functions

  • News distribution
  • Roadshow Meeting Arrangement
  • Media Interview Arrangement
  • Feedback Report
  • I.R. Recruitment/Support on Freelance Basis
  • Event WiFi

About Webcast

  • Provide digital video shooting for corporate special event
  • Web-streaming, production and publishing

Event video shooting and recording such as:

  1. Result announcement
  2. Seminar and conference
  3. Training, exhibition, tradeshow
  4. Corporate or management interview
  5. Product or service launch
  6. e-marketing